Photo by Chip Duden

Dean , Washburn , LTD  Anything Black , Loud , & covered in muck. (much like your mother)


Mesa Boogie  150 Watt Triple Rectifier

Favorite Band:

Faith No More

Favorite Religion:


Favorite Shot:

The shittiest shot of Tequila behind the bar (unchilled)

2nd Favorite shot:

Anything your chick buys me

Fun Fact:

Has a side project with his sons (ages 5 & 2) called “The Blood of Eagles”

Currently listening to:

Nebula “To the Center” & “Atomic Ritual”

QOTSA “…Like Clockwork”

Bill Burr “You people are all the same”

PJ Harvey “Let England Shake”

Mukilteo Farries – entire catalogue

Orange Goblin – entire catalogue

Jagghammer – Lost Demos


Lorde “royals” – big whoop , wanna fight about it ?


The Bruss

“All hail Lord Xenu”

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