Ask Suave

Hey, the first “Ask Suave” is up for your viewing pleasure. Let us know what you think… And don’t forget to send your questions to: [youtube youtube_id=”ck4bBsUzLMw” youtube_height=”315″ youtube_width=”560″ ][/youtube]

Put the Xenu in X-mas

Hope you all had a wonderful X-mas.  Some of you have these next two days off…(lucky bastards). While you’re sitting at home in your Bobafett pajamas, sipping your ripple, watch all of the making of videos…you can witness us writing the new album ‘Crystals and Lazers’…or is it Lasers? Hmmm…we’ll have to have a band meeting on that one. Leave … Read More

New Website

What the fuck is this? Well  we’re glad you asked. This is the official home for your favorite band Bloodcow. This site is still a work in progress, there is more content we are trying to finish up and load all over you. Take a look around, participate on our blogs, send us nasty pictures…this is your place, have fun. … Read More