Hail Xenu

Hey guys and gals…

We are three days into mixing and everything is sounding really good.  If all goes well we should be finished with mixing by the end of April…If Xenu wills it.

The way songs come together in this band is probably not unique… ’87, Bones, Navin, and Dave put together the music (sometimes with input from Merger) but Merger handles all the vocal melodies and lyrics… and he is a goddamn Jedi when applying pen to paper.  We demo all of our songs single track from our rehearsal space so that we can listen back to how things are working, dynamics wise, guitar dweedles, etc… some songs we play live prior to recording them, some we don’t and the ones we don’t we often don’t know how the whole thing is going to come together until we hear Merger lay down his sexual energy to tape (or computer…whatevs, wanna fight about it?).  The point to my rant is that one of the last songs we wrote was the title track off the album and as we all thought that it was a good song we certainly didn’t think it was one of the best on the album… that is until we mixed it the other night. Now it might be one of the coolest songs on the album.

Got some more news coming soon as well as a new ‘Making Of’ video that shows us being dipshits during mixing.

Hail Xenu,