Photo by Anthony Lanza


Vocals, Lyrics, and Accomplished Artist


Born a guy in the world.

Reads, draws and makes music.

Could live off of Mexican food but will eat pizza too because its awesome. Also likes wings washed down with Miller High Life.

Drinks Miller High Life, anything from the Schell Brewery and is really digging St. Peters Porter but will drink whatever beer you have because beer is his favorite.

Has watched the original 1976 Dawn Of The Dead just shy of the number of times he has watched Ghostbusters and is compelled to recite every line of dialogue while viewing them.

Played alot of Dungeons & Dragons when he was in high school and doesn’t believe that any edition past Advanced 2nd edition exists and will act like he doesn’t hear you if you talk about anything newer. 

Celebrates the Solar Cycle, Lunar Phases and the writing of the Book Of The Law. 93



Council Bluffs, Iowa

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